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Why emyspot?

So I am going to insist on using emyspot because it is easy and free. To make and account takes second and I am an avid user and have been pleased with their services.

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Key selling points

  1. Free forever - with many assurances from emyspot and years of working with them. I can gaurantee that to make a website it is free. Free now and free forever to make a website with emyspot. What more, if ever you wish to advance the features of your website it is simple and can be done from their subscription page. Subscriptions are not something I require for my class.
  2. Allow for multiple webmasters - if you would like to have multiple people that can work on your website at once, or if ever you wish for me to look over your work. You can add a websmaster to your emypsot account for multiple editing.
  3. Free online support for technical difficulties. Not only will I be here for questions, you can ask emyspot support team directly! Two ideas are better than one.
  4. Automated responsive design - When you build a website with emyspot it is already mobile responsive adn will adapt to any screensize.


In a new tab or window open this link to go right to the emyspot wizard to create your website.

You will see the screen to the right. Where you will fill in the most basic of information. Your first and last name, an email (I suggest an email that you can access to validate the account and you do not need to worry about an overflow of emails as the emyspot team limits themselves to just the need to know email).

Also I just want to remind you to choose a password wisely. This is your website and you shoulld protect it well with a password that contains numbers and letters, but maybe not the typical paswword1234... I always choose a difficult password, and then write it on a post-it note hidden in plain site as in these days we have to remember a multitude of passwords

This takes seconds and I trust you can do it. Meet you in the next lessons here

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