• Assignment- Images

    Added an image to your site and completed the first assignment. Good on you! Now let's see what you did and why. Just add the link to the comments section below with some justification.

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  • Assignment- Logo

    Please consult this brief explanation to creating and adding a logo to your website. Have you chosen one already? Show it off here with a short explanation.

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  • How to pick a URL address for your website

    As a teacher, I have noticed that sometimes the title and the name are the hardest part. I can't count the number of times I have recieved a paper with "Title" left as the title or a name that is so nonsensical that I can't figure what we are going on about. A URL is no different.

  • Meet Mr. Fox

    As the students file into the lecture hall and sit down I make eye contact and say hello to those who dare to look at me.. mwuhahaha (evil laugh). As the late comers scamper in trying to find the perfect seat, not in the front row and not in the back. I clear my throat. Which as I am a rather gentle person comes out as a low hum.. and I give the same speech at the beginning of every school year. It goes like this.

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