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Hello, Mr Fox here

I will be guiding you through the underbrush of creating a website that you can be proud of. For some of those following along you are new to making a website (a starter website) for others you have already gone down the rabbit hole of website creation and are just honing your advanced skills. Here you will be able to find both advanced and starter web exercises.

We will be using the website builder emyspot, so to follow along I recommend you use the emyspot website builder and create an account today- it is free and will always be free.

Once your site has been created please submit it to my directory and don't hesitate to participate in the forum discussions.

Stay fierce.

Mr. Fox

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it is free and will always be free.

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In-depth lessons and assignments

For a range of skill sets, if you are a pup taking your first steps or already have a site and want to play around with CSS, Javasript, or write your own code.

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Feedback and soundboard

We all need some support and some feedback when fiddling around with a website. It is a fun journey, but here with the forums, blog, and member zone you get more.

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Technical support 24/7

With emyspot the support is 24/7 from their team, and I am here as well. Although, as I am a silver fox, I tend to take longer to respond to technical issues.

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A little twist

A recipe website

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A teaching aid

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flower shop

The flower shop

Practice store layout

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